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    We are stardust - carl sagan

About Stardust


Welcome all those who dedicate their time, knowledge and passion to a sector which, undoubtedly, will open the doors of humanity to paths that we are now only beginning to imagine and to travel, but which will surely lead us to where we want to go.



Stardust Consulting is lending its services professionally, directly and with the level of involvement
that space projects have always implied. Although we find ourselves in a new age, with new technologies and new challenges,
the same spirit of the first pioneers of outer space continues to guide us with their example.


to Public Administrations
in legal space affaires & regulations.

Consulting services

on the legal aspects of space projects,
including feasibility assessment.


of studies and projects.

Legal Advice

full legal advice to companies
that work in space affaires


and study of project financing
and commercial and economic viability.

Space Trajectory


Stardust Consulting was originated as a response to the growing need for comprehensive
consulting and advisory services, particularly legal, in the aerospace sector.

Rafael Harillo Gómez-Pastrana
Founder, Partner and Director
Adviser in space & aerospace projects including legal framework, suborbital flight, spaceport activities, business development for space mission including orbital, Moon and other celestial bodies.

Articles and Publications


This increasingly mixed involvement presents numerous challenges. While today the sector is necessarily supervised by state administrations
and space agencies, private initiatives are emerging in growing numbers which demonstrates, undoubtedly,
the path to follow. Check out our perspective of this expanding field.

Current Projects


These projects, undeniably technically and scientifically based, are necessarily structured around companies,
associations and foundations which require consultation in different arenas to successfully achieve their objectives.
We work daily towards the enigma solving and we bet clear responses are to arise in the imminent future.

Legal adviser in companies

Launchers, Propulsion, Satellites, Constellations, In orbit services, Cislunar operations, etc.

Legal Framework & Regulations

Advice both, national and international authorities in space regulations, development and strategy.

G.S Space Project Office, S.L.

A new dynamic and agile Space company reducing costs of transportation and construction of space payload, through its philosophy of the low cost.

Commercial Activities

Adviser in suborbital commercial activities for different international companies.

Lobby Lunar Latino (L3)

Head of Legal Department. Promoting space in Latin-American.

Spaceport Activities

Development of Spaceport activities; creation of legal and business framework; cooperation between national and international authorities; coordination with operators.

Natural resources in space

Use of natural resources in Space will be necessary to develop human capabilities and possibilities in the Solar System. Legal framework and legal certainty are essential for preparing and implementing these activities.



This sector, which historically has been organized and directed by State governments, has experienced growing involvement
by different private entities, companies, entrepreneurs, and consortiums in recent years, ushering in a new era of participation,
exploration and development. If you find yourself identified with any of this do not hesitate to get in touch.